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Lake Search

(The Easy Real Time Full Text Search used on this site was made by Christer Svensson and modified by Sjödetektiven)

The search engine looks through the 2089 lake pages hosted. One for each lake in Östergötland's county in Sweden.

As the lake pages are written in swedish I supply you with these predefined searches. If you want to do a free text search use the swedish lake search page.

P.S. Not all of the lake pages have any comprehensive information. It is an ongoing project and I try and add bits and pieces when I find out something new about a particular lake.

Search result for "kml waypoints"

Show the lakes in the hit list in Google Earth or browse the table below.

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Predefined Searches

Lakes in the municipalities of Östergötland

Boxholms kommuns vapen Boxholm
Finspångs kommuns vapen Finspång
Kinda kommuns vapen Kinda
Linköpings kommuns vapen Linköping
Mjölbys kommuns vapen Mjölby
Motalas kommuns vapen Motala
Norrköpings kommuns vapen Norrköping
Söderköpings kommuns vapen Söderköping
Vadstena kommuns vapen Vadstena
Ydre kommuns vapen Ydre
Åtvidabergs kommuns vapen Åtvidaberg
Ödeshögs kommuns vapen Ödeshög

Media (shows the lakes which have waypoints, photos or films)

Has waypoints Has waypoints
Is photographed Has photos
Is filmed Is filmed
Has depth maps Has depth maps

Has lake stakeouts from Sjödetektiven

This just means that Sjödetektiven has visited these lakes and written something about them.

Är sjöspanad Has lake stakeouts

Some of the fish species in the lakes of Östergötland

P.S. If you wan't to do some fishing in Sweden you need two things.

Many of the lake pages also have fishing and contact info under the heading Fiskeinfo

You can check out the Catch Reports för Östergötland on iFiske for up to date info on the species.